Thursday, January 29, 2015

35 Weeks!

35 Weeks! 
One more week and I can safely deliver the baby at the hospital that I preregistered at. They don't have a NICU so they will send you to another hospital nearby if you are earlier than 36 weeks. 

(I look how I feel haha)

All day Monday I was having contractions that were kind of painful, which was unusual for me, so that evening we went to the hospital. After being transferred from one hospital to another, and several hours later, the doctor told me that I was not progressing (I am not yet dilated) and the contractions were most likely painful because baby is sunny side up and the front of her head is just hitting my pelvic bone. We could have stayed for further monitoring but she seemed confident enough to let me go home. I've been feeling okay since then. I still have contractions throughout the day but they aren't close together and most of them aren't hurting too bad. 

Today I went in for my 35 week doctor's appointment. He told me to not do any strenuous activity for the next week or so. He even said that I should not clean the house this week, although Jay doesn't believe me haha. Maybe I should have gotten that part in writing ;) 

Doctor said the baby is doing fine but my cervix is a little shorter than most at this time. He assured me that she should stay in for at least the next week or so as long as I take it easy. After that she's free to come out whenever she wants! 

Monday night she was measuring at around 5 pounds. He didn't do all the measurements today because they were just done Monday, but I will start going for weekly checks now. 

Other than all that excitement, I am doing okay. I kind of feel like an old lady with my hips hurting most of the time, it's hard to get off of the couch, and I can't really reach my feet. Also, my hands and wrists are hurting pretty bad. They aren't too swollen but they ache and get all numb and tingly sometimes. It's tons of fun ;) 

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