Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Hospital Bag

I've been working on putting together a hospital bag for a week or two now. I started out trying to pack the diaper bag and another similar size bag but ended up switching to just a carry-on size suitcase. I think it will be way more convenient to have only one bag to keep track of even though I was really excited about using the diaper bag haha. 

For Baby Elsie:
Going home outfit- A onesie with an elephant on it that says "little peanut" with matching pants and jacket (in newborn size)
Extra clothes- I know I don't need to bring anything but I threw in a few other clothing items just because I have so much and I can't wait to put them on her
Wubbanub- Elephant with pacifier on it. I'm not sure that I want to introduce this that early but I love it and just wanted to bring it along
Diapers- x2 just in case, I know the hospital provides them too
Blanket- Because it's cute and I'll want it for the ride home
Car seat- Will be in the car waiting but definitely essential haha 
Boppy- Going to have it in the car in case I want it for nursing, just don't want to lug it into the hospital while I'm in labor 
For Me:
A nursing night gown and robe- I imagine myself wearing this most of my stay haha
A tank top and shorts- I heard it can be hot/sweaty in the hospital after giving birth so I'm taking this just in case
Nursing bras- One for sleeping and one that's a little more structured in case I want to wear it
Sports bra- For labor in case I want it 
Going home outfit- Yoga pants, shirt, and underwear
Slippers and flip flops- For walking the halls and showering
Toiletries- shampoo, soap, toothpaste/ toothbrush, face wipes, chapstick, deodorant and towel 
Breastfeeding Supplies- Lanolin cream and nursing pads (just in case I need them) 
Pads- For the gross... the hospital also supplies these but just in case I want something different

Stuff I will be adding last minute:

Kindle- For if I get bored (haha) 
Phone charger- I am betting I forget this one but Jay can always run home and grab it since we live so close 
Different going home clothes- I wear my most comfy stuff on a daily basis these days so if I labor at home for awhile before going to the hospital I will try to remember to add another set of clothes that I might like better than what I already put in there. 
"New Mother's Guide to Breastfeeding" - I am most nervous about how this is going to work out so I'm thinking this will be essential. It's full of info on getting a proper latch and different positions and stuff I know I'll be needing. There are lactation consultants at the hospital and some on base that will help me too. 
Snacks/Water- We are allowed to eat during labor if we want to which I know is very different from back in the states. So I want to bring a few snacks just in case, although I can't imagine wanting to eat. Also, I'd like to throw in at least one bottle of water because carbonated water is not my thing and it's most common here. 
Hopefully I realize labor is starting and have a little bit of time at home to double check everything but I want to be as prepared as possible just in case. We are getting so excited for Elsie to make her appearance! 

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