Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Baby Shower!

This past weekend I had my baby shower! It was held at our place just out of convenience but one of my good friends helped plan it. We had a ton of fun! 

The theme was "Baby It's Cold Outside" 
which fit in perfectly with the weather since it snowed some the day before! 
There was a hot cocoa bar to warm us up! My first time making hot cocoa in the crock pot but it turned out really good!

Pretty much all of the decoration idea's came from Pinterest. I made the tassel garland (I guess you would call it) out of tissue paper. I also found the chalkboard sign for the hot cocoa bar on Pinterest.

We kept the menu pretty simple because it was on the smaller side, I think there were 7 people total.
We ate meatballs (made by my friend, which were AMAZING!) on mini rolls and cupcakes. I opted for cupcakes instead of a cake mainly because I could make them myself and then we didn't have to spend a ton on a cake. 

We played the clothespin game. Simple but fun. 
It's harder than you think to avoid saying "baby" at a baby shower! 
The ladies also filled out "wishes for baby" cards for her memory book.

There was a super cute diaper cake, made by one of my friends!  
I was really impressed with it!

It was a great time! 
Originally, I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth having a baby shower since I don't know too many people here and family obviously couldn't come, but it was totally worth it!

(wish we had gotten a picture of everyone together but somehow we forgot)
Thanks you so much to everyone who came!

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