Monday, April 13, 2015

Elsie is 6 Weeks!

Elsie is six weeks old! Here's what's new...

She's been playing with her toys in her pack n play
now that she noticed when she moves her arms they make noise.

Lots of eating! We switched her to a sensitive formula and
she's way less fussy with that which is great!

She hasn't been napping easily during the day but
she's been sleeping a little better at night so that works.

She's getting pretty good at holding up her head during tummy time
 but she doesn't like to lay there too long.

She's growing so fast! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Elsie's One Month!

I can't believe Elsie's been around for a whole month already! Time is flying by!

Her favorite thing to do these days is still pretty much eat and sleep. A little less sleep than before and at all the wrong times it seems. I'm still up with her about every 2.5-3 hours at night. It's not so bad except most of the time she doesn't want to go right back to sleep after eating so it's hard for me to get as much sleep as I'd like. It could totally be worse and each day varies.

She eats about every 3 hours now. We try to feed on demand so sometimes it's more than that.

At her two week appointment she was already 7lbs 3oz. I weighed myself and then weighed myself holding her yesterday and she was around 9 pounds fully clothed so she might be around 8.5 pounds or so. Her next doctor's appointment isn't until 2 months so we will see how much she weighs then!

She prefers to be held most of the time which is great except when there's other stuff to be done haha. I try to wear her in a wrap or put her down after she falls asleep which most of the time wakes her up. We are working on it though and I find myself being able to do a lot of things one handed ;)

Just yesterday she started smiling at us! She smiled at me twice throughout the day and gave one big smile to her daddy after he got home! Melts my heart!

I try to do tummy time at least once a day but she isn't too big a fan of it. She does a lot better with tummy time on mine or Jay's chest.

She's starting to notice more and more things. She seems to be more interested in the toys hanging above her in her pack n play and stuff like that now. She also really likes high contrast books and videos.

She gets mad when she has the hiccups. She also gets hot really easily which can make her fussy.

In both the good times and the bad these days, I try to remind myself that "it won't be like this for long" (as the song goes) and to cherish each of these things as much as I can.

That's pretty much the excitement at one month. Excited to see what the next month brings!