Monday, May 2, 2016

14 Month Update!

Elsie is 14 months!

Some of her favorite things are:

-Her Elmo toy and magnets

-Saying "No!" to everything

-Walking! She still needs something or someone to touch to stand up but once she's up she's on the go!

-Kix cereal, ice cream cones (just the cone, no ice cream), and bananas

She brings me shoes to put on after she tries to put them on herself and also brushes her hair.

She blows kisses!

She is drinking approximately sixteen ounces of whole milk a day split in to 3 sippy cups. She does not have a preference for any certain type of sippy cup. She also eats 3 meals and at least 2 snacks a day but would prefer to constantly eat if I let her. She knows where the snacks are and will try to get in that cabinet if she's hungry.

She no longer wants to be carried or in the stroller she'd much rather walk everywhere.

Sometimes she takes 2 naps a day if we have been busy but she does fine with 1 nap a day also.

She almost has 10 teeth since her 2 bottom molars are almost all the way in.

Our little girl is definitely a toddler now!