Friday, July 28, 2017

Gemma's 6 Months

What?! How in the world has it been six months since my littlest baby was brought in to this world?

Time. Just. Slow. Down.

Weight: 18.5 lbs (92%)

Height: 25.9 inches (60%)

Foods: She has tried all the "first" baby foods and loved most of them. Carrots were iffy. She also has had avocado and watermelon. This kid loves to eat. She wants to be eating when we are eating. She also sat in a highchair at a restaurant for the first time last weekend! SO crazy. She also eats puffs.

Still breastfeeding and loving it; no bottles. It's the easiest thing ever now that we are to this point and I hope to continue until she's at least a year. Fingers crossed we don't have any issues when she gets teeth haha.

Still sleeping with me but she takes pretty good naps in her crib during the day and even goes to sleep in her crib for an hour or two most nights before I bring her in bed with me. Some nights I get super lucky and she'll sleep in there until around 12:30. I have high hopes for getting her in her own bed full time. eventually. ha.

She isn't really crawling yet. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks and rocks then flops forward, scotches forward, rolls over and over, and on and on until she gets where she wants hahaha. She's definitely mobile but I'm sure she'll figure out proper crawling any day now.

She loves her jumper and her walker. She will actually walk forward in it already. Trying to keep up with her sister.

Gemma absolutely loves her sister! She is always watching her and laughing at her. She loves when Elsie pays any sort of attention to her, at all. It's THE cutest! I can't wait for them to play together in the coming years. I hope they are the best of friends.

Baby girl is getting so big! It's equal parts exciting and sad how fast it's going by. I love seeing her little personality starting to shine through. Gemma is the happiest, smiliest baby ever! People even make a point of telling us how happy of a baby she is anywhere we go. We are blessed.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Myrtle Beach 2017

In June we went to Myrtle Beach with my mom, her boyfriend, and my grandma. The girls and I had a really great time! (Jay didn't get to go this year.)

We stayed in a two bedroom condo/apartment. Elsie had her own room which was really nice!

Every day when Gemma and I woke up and went to the apartment next door and had coffee with everyone while Elsie was still sleeping. By the time she got up and ate breakfast it was time to get down to the beach. We tried to go down there around9am everyday so we could get a few hours in before lunch and naptime. We went back up to the rooms to have lunch (hotdogs, sandwiches, etc) and put Elsie down for a nap. Most days my grandma would listen on the baby monitor for Elsie while the rest of us went back down to the beach or pool for awhile. By the time Elsie woke up we were pretty much done with the beach for the day. We'd either go back to the pool or do something else.

Elsie warmed up to the beach by the end of the week but definitely preferred the pool. 

For dinner we went out to eat. Grandma only went with us once. One day we fed Elsie then went out to a nice Italian place after Elsie went to bed while grandma watched her. She did okay at the restaurants when we took her with us though, thank god for netflix! Gemma usually slept in her carseat through dinner.

Overall it was a really nice time! I wasn't sure how much I'd get to relax without Jay there to help but it turned out okay. Hopefully we can all go again next year!

Here's some pictures: