Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Faves

So I've been listening to the new Zac Brown Band album a lot lately and Castaway is my favorite, it's been on repeat. A great summertime song! I would see them live again in a heartbeat (if they came to Germany).

This baby is getting cuter every day. I can hardly stand it!

I just got this carrier by Infantino. It's pretty nice for how cheap they are. Elsie seems to like it and it is pretty supportive for baby hips which is always a concern when it comes to these things.

Also, I just applied for a job! I hadn't been planning on looking for a job, but this one popped up and it seems to be the perfect opportunity. It's flexible and will allow me to work and still spend a lot of time with Elsie. Wish me luck, it's been awhile :)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

My First Mother's Day

I had sort of been looking forward to my first Mothers Day for a couple of weeks. I had a picture in my mind of what I might get from my husband (jewelry, flowers, etc)for being the best mom I could be the past two months.  But it turned out way different than I had imagined.
My husband spent the whole weekend cleaning and doing laundry so I didn't have to. He also took over caring for Elsie all day Sunday so I could just do whatever I wanted. It was a great feeling! 
We also went to the apple blossom festival in Naurod for a few hours. Had a few beers.  Watched the parade.
Then we came home and my husband did all the grocery shopping for the week.  He also grilled dinner and some extra meat for the week while I played with Elsie in the grass. 
Then, as if that wasn't enough,  he secretly made me chocolate covered strawberries and bananas with ice cream whole I watched tv. He gave me that with my mother's day card. 
It was a great day!  I am so thankful for him and our sweet baby girl! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Elsie Two Months

Elsie turned two months old on the first!
Most of her second month was spent with family visiting from the states.
In her second month of life...
-she went from only smiling in her sleep to smiling at us all the time. My favorite is when she smiles at me when I go to get her from her rock n play in the morning.
-she started to really enjoy looking at her toys hanging in her pack n play. She even learned that when she moves her arms she can hit them and make them move/jingle.
-her eyesight got way better and she can now see us from several feet away. She also spends a lot of time just looking around at all the new things she hasn't  seen before.
-she loves watching the dogs walk around. Especially chloe when she is playing with her food ball in the morning, Elsie loves watching her walk in circles.
-she enjoys going for walks in her carseat in the stroller as well as car rides. She gets mad sometimes though when you stop moving.  She loves being on the go. 
-she is eating a lot more at one time now which is helping her sleep better at night but we still get up to eat usually twice. Sometimes if we are lucky it's just once 
I think those are really the highlights of month two. Overall she is getting way more aware of her surroundings and more active everyday.
She has been wearing size one diapers and size 0-3 month clothes.  But she is growing really fast.  I'm excited to see just how much she's grown when she goes to the doctor this week! Not to excited for shots though.