Thursday, January 8, 2015

32 Weeks!

I am 32 weeks today!

Time is going by fast and slow at the same time. I am trying to stay as busy as I can to help the time pass faster because honestly I am getting to the point where I just don't feel like being pregnant anymore. I'm ready to meet baby Elsie whenever she's ready to come out but I know it's best if she stays in for at least another month, Hopefully not more than 8 weeks 

Other than just wanting to not be pregnant, I haven't actually been feeling that bad. I am starting to get tired a little more easily than I was, but haven't had too many aches or pains. I have even been sleeping pretty well which I am super excited about because I know the days are numbered on that one! I don't have bad heartburn, swollen ankles/feet, or anything else (yet). 

I think I have been starting to get some random Braxton Hick contractions because every now and then my stomach muscles seem to tighten for about a minute and it's a really weird feeling but definitely doesn't hurt. Not looking forward to the real thing though haha. Labor and delivery has been on my mind more and more and I'm trying to be as positive as possible.

This week we had our "Mommy Daddy 101" class where we learned different comfort techniques and stuff for labor and watched some videos and listened to a few personal accounts from women who have delivered at the local hospitals. It was very helpful! I definitely feel more prepared than I did beforehand. Jay even got to wear the big belly they put on men to show them how we feel right about now haha! It was a good time. 

Looking forward to my doctors appointment next week and my baby shower in a few weeks! 

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