Monday, June 20, 2016

Big News!

We are having another baby! 

The due date is January 22nd.

I'm currently 9 weeks +1 day.

I haven't had terrible morning sickness but  have had a considerable amount of nausea the past few weeks. No food aversions like I had with Elsie though! Having a toddler makes it so much harder to deal with.  The first trimester fatigue has really kicked my butt. Thank god for nap time!

I've had two doctor appointments already! Both went really well.  Both times baby had a visible heart beat and last week I got to see the baby wiggle a bit. I go back at 12.5 weeks.

It is a bit early.  Just like with Elsie we found out right away.  We've known since about 4 weeks. However, it is a really hard secret to keep and has been increasingly hard to hide from friends here. Being away from family, we didn't want everyone here to find out before family did so.. we decided to announce. Praying everything keeps going well!

Elsie and baby will be about 22 or 23 months apart depending. We are really excited to have two babies close together!  Can't wait to find out in a couple months if Elsie will have a baby sister or brother!