Thursday, December 25, 2014

30 Weeks!

Merry Christmas!

Woohoo only 10ish weeks left! I am super excited for the baby to get here! We just toured the hospital the other day, so we can get our referral from our insurance for delivery. The hospital we are delivering at is a 5 minute drive from our house which is really convenient! It's close enough that, once I am settled, Jay can bring the car back and park somewhere free, and then walk over, since the parking garage prices are ridiculous. I'll be preregistering in a few weeks!

I had my doctors appointment Monday and everything is going as expected! Elsie measures average across the board. I got to listen to her heartbeat for a good half hour or so and the doctor said it sounds perfect. She also got the hiccups while the monitor was on which was pretty funny! 

How far along: 30 Weeks! 
Gender: Girl! 
Name: Elsie 
Weight: I've gained around 22ish pounds depending on the day and Elsie weighed 2 pounds 14 ounces at my doctors appointment on Monday and he said she's about 15.5 inches long and growing! 
Maternity clothes: Yep, just got a few new items for Christmas! 
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: In 
Rings on or off: I can wear them for a day or two but I can't wear them all the time
Sleep: Hasn't been as bad as it was but maybe I'm just getting used to it
Best moment this week: Christmas!! 
Worst moment this week: Waking up to a really horrible leg cramp this morning. First one so far this pregnancy. Hoping it never ever happens again! 
Miss anything: Wine. And family being around for Christmas. 
Movement: Yep!
Cravings: Nothing stands out. I just love all the food. 
Aversions: None right now, Yay! Hopefully none come back in these last 10 weeks. 
Looking forward to: The new year! It's going to be an exciting one! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

28 Weeks!

I'm finally in the third trimester! I know I said this last week but there are some different opinions on whether 27 or 28 weeks starts it.

How am I feeling, you ask? Mostly I just feel like Free Willy and I am not looking forward to getting even more huge the next few months... but I can't believe we are in the third trimester! Hurry up March! 

Chloe's face cracks me up!

How far along: 28 weeks and 1 day! 
Gender: Girl! 
Name: Elsie May
Weight: Oh what fun it is to eat all the holiday food... I don't recommend being pregnant during the holidays... or do I? 
Maternity clothes: Yep
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: In 
Rings on or off: Off because it still makes my finger itch
Sleep: Blah, what is sleep? I'm sure this will just get worse. 
Best moment this week: Umm, nothing exciting really happened. I'm excited it's Friday!
Worst moment this week: Getting locked out of my apartment today...bleh
Miss anything: Sleeping well, and fitting in all my clothes lol 
Movement: Yep! I think she might have moved positions because the movement is in different places this week. 
Cravings: Nothing stands out. I just love all the food. 
Aversions: None right now, Yay!
Looking forward to: Celebrating my birthday and all the fun Christmas stuff that starts next week! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Are we there yet?

So I just had a funny thought about how pregnancy is like going on a really long car trip. 

1. When you first get in the car you are really excited.

2. But before long you start to get car sick.

3. After a little while you may (or may not) get feeling better.

4. Then comes the fun part of the car ride. You're excited about where you are going and turn up the radio and laugh and have a good time.

5. Time passes fast at first but then slowly... super slowly...

6. Then you reach the point where you feel like the car ride is seriously never going to end.

7. Are we there yet? Nope. And things start to get uncomfortable. 

8. Nope still not there and at this point your whole body starts to ache from being in the car so long.

9. You are so super close to your destination... then boom traffic jam! Sets you back a few extra hours.

10. You made it! It feels weird to be out of the car and you are super tired... but guess what? Now you're here and you can't sleep because there is just so much to see and do!

After I started writing that I realized it kind of worked it's way into the perfect number of lines, one for each month of pregnancy! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

27 Weeks!

Hello third trimester! Time is flying!

Had my doctors appointment today and Elsie is doing great! She measures average in pretty much every way! I also got to finally see most of her face in 3D and got quite a few pictures of her! She is super cute! Can't wait to actually see her face in 13ish more weeks ahh! Also, she is head down and has been for weeks now so hopefully she continues to be that way.

Chloe was curious about the camera beeping haha

How far along: 27 weeks! 
Gender: Girl! 
Name: Elsie May
Weight: She weighs about 2 pounds and 4oz and is about 14.25 inches long. I, on the other hand, am at roughly 19 pounds. I blame the holidays. 
Maternity clothes: Yes, and lots of leggings. I'm all about comfort these days.
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: In 
Rings on or off: Off because it still makes my finger itch
Sleep: I've pretty much come to terms with not sleeping very well ever again haha
Best moment this week: Seeing baby girl at my doctors appointment today! 
Worst moment this week: Sleeping, or not so much, every night
Miss anything: Sleeping well
Movement: Yep all the time! 
Cravings: Nothing in particular. 
Aversions: None right now, Yay!
Queasy or sick: Nope
Looking forward to: Going to more Christmas Markets, and my birthday, and Christmas, and my next doctors appointment right before Christmas... such a crazy busy month!