Thursday, November 21, 2013

No more shampoo

This week while pinteresting I stumbled upon an article on a blog about how to wash hair more naturally without shampoo and conditioner. Then I found, with a little research, that this isn't entirely unheard of. Here are the basics:

For shampoo use baking soda with water about 1 Tsp of baking soda per cup of water (adjust more or less depending on how dry your scalp is) in a squirt bottle.

For conditioner use a solution of vinegar and water (about 2 Tsp per cup of water) in a spray bottle.

Apply the baking soda mixture to the roots of your hair, massage and let sit while you shower. Rinse thoroughly. Then spray the length of your hair with the vinegar and water solution. Rinse thoroughly.

Surprisingly your hair doesn't smell like vinegar what-so-ever after you're done.

There are several benefits of using this method. One, it's super cheap. It also is much more environmentally friendly. Also, one your scalp gets used to it, your hair needs to be washed much less frequently. This is because when you use regular shampoo it strips your hair of all it's oils and then your scalp over produces oil to make up for it. However, when you use this method, the baking soda removes dirt but leaves essential oils so your hair doesn't get oily as fast because your scalp is not overcompensating.

One down aside is it doesn't leave your hair smelling nice like shampoos do. It doesn't smell like anything actually. But you can add scents with things like coconut oil if you desire.

Is training over yet?

So to update my blog on what's been going on... I went to hubbys graduation in October. It was so unbelievably nice to see him for two whole days. Then we both went off in separate ways again. It's not so bad now that he's in AIT. We get to text every night and we talk about 3-4 times a week. Sometimes even skype. Mostly on weekends. It's a big step up from only talking once a week and it helps make timer go by faster. I also don't feel as much of a world apart as I felt during BCT. That being said, I still can't wait for all this training to be over. I know deployments are in our future eventually but it will be nice to be able to live with him again. I also can't wait to move into an apartment on base wherever we get stationed. The in-laws have been great but I'm ready for my own place again. I'm sure once he deploys I'll be wishing I was back here with family but for now this us how I feel.
Anyway, he gets tocome home for two whole weeks around Christmas! I'm soooo excited. So for now that's what I'm looking forward to the most.