Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Gemma's 4 Months

Gemma is four months old! 

At her doctor appointment today, she weighed 15.3 pounds (84%) and was 24.9 inches (77%) long. Her head is 39.7 cm (18%). And she got her shots.

She rolls from back to front but hasn't really figured out rolling from front to back as she's only done it once. Her new favorite thing is when she's laying on her back to push down with her legs and lift her butt up. She's scooted several feet by doing that.

She is still exclusively breastfed. And she still won't really take a bottle but honestly I don't really need her to so I haven't worked on it much. I don't really ever pump, but I have a few bags in the freezer just in case.

Gemma naps in her crib, carseat, or carrier depending where we are. We co-sleep at night. She eats once or twice during the night.

She loves chewing on her hands or a toy (and she drools a lot), sitting in her bouncer seat (but shes almost too big), and watching her sister. She doesn't like riding in the car too much but doesn't hate it all the time.

She's really a very happy baby always smiling at everyone. We get a lot of compliments on her smile and big blue eyes.

We love her so much!