Friday, February 6, 2015

36 Weeks and the Nursery!

Here I am at 36 weeks +1 day!

Had my doctors appointment yesterday and I was super excited to find out that I'm already dilating! Doctor is saying that at this rate Elsie should make her appearance sometime within the next two weeks! Doctor measured her at just under 6 pounds and 19 inches long. 

I am also free now to do whatever activity I feel up to, which allowed me to finish up the nursery!

I'm really happy with how the it turned out. It ended up being a mix of teal, yellow/gold, grey, white, and black. There are also several elephants but I couldn't help myself.

 I just made the mobile today with these elephants a friend crocheted. I love it!

The books are on shelves from Ikea. I have seen this on several blogs/pinterest and love the idea of being able to switch out what books are on display! 

One of the closets in the room filled with baby clothes!
 (there are 3 closets, one with craft stuff, and another with misc. baby items)
 I have already washed all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes so they are 
clean and ready for Elsie to wear them!

Here is a close up of the crocheted butterflies (made by a friend) that I decided to hang in front of the curtains. So cute!

Hopefully Elsie will be here soon!

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