Thursday, October 2, 2014

18 Weeks!

Not much going on this week. I've just been waiting to start feeling definite movements from the baby. It seems like time is dragging waiting for my 20 week doctors appointment. 

I don't feel like I look much different than last week. No one has asked when I'm due yet so I'm thinking I just look fat which is annoying. Haha.  But here's a picture for you...

(the shadow from my flash makes me look 3D or something but I was too annoyed to take a better picture)

How far along: 18 weeks! 
Gender: Girl! 
Weight gain: About 5 pounds
Maternity clothes: Getting dressed is a hassle. A lot of my old clothes don't fit right but I still feel to small to wear my maternity stuff. I did get a couple more maternity things for a great deal yesterday! I'll be wearing them soon I imagine.
Stretch marks: Nope but my stomach is starting to itch, I just keep slathering on lotion haha
Belly button in or out: In 
Sleep: Depends on the night really. Crazy dreams though!
Best moment this week: Nothing really exciting going on here. I'm just always excited to be another week along! Almost half way there!
Worst moment this week: Nights that I don't sleep well. The other night I was up at 4:45 because it was to uncomfortable to lay down any longer. 
Miss anything: It's Oktoberfest here so... beer. 
Movement: I've felt a couple little sensations that had me wondering if it was the baby but nothing consistent. I'm waiting for a kick or a roll that will be more obvious and that doesn't leave me guessing whether it was the baby or just gas or something. 
Cravings: Still meatball subs or Subway in general I guess. 
Aversions: None right now, yay!
Queasy or sick: Nope
Looking forward to: Feeling the baby move! Also, my 20 week appointment! 

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