Thursday, October 30, 2014


Just been getting ready for Halloween this week! I bought a bunch of yummy candy yesterday that just might not make it to tomorrow. I can't wait to wear my pumpkin shirt and pass out candy to the kids. I also painted a pumpkin to set outside for a little decoration, nobody in our building really decorated. I can't wait for Halloween next year once the little one is here! Children make holidays so much more fun!  

How far along: 22 weeks! 
Gender: Girl! 
Name: :) 
Weight gain: I'm thinking close to 10 pounds by now.
Maternity clothes: Yes they are definitely in the mix. I still fit in my jeans with the hair tie trick, and most of my shirts but the maternity clothes are starting to be so much more comfortable. 
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: In 
Rings on or off: Off right now because they are making my finger all itchy and red :( 
Sleep: Last night was horrible but it still just depends. 
Best moment this week: Buying (and eating) candy for trick or treat tomorrow!
Worst moment this week: Not sleeping good last night
Miss anything: Some yummy drinks.
Movement: Yes! Several times a day, some days more than others. 
Cravings: Well... tomorrow needs to get here before I eat all this candy and don't have any left to pass out to the kids...
Aversions: None right now, Yay!
Queasy or sick: Nope
Looking forward to: My doctors appointment next week!! 

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