Friday, September 5, 2014

14 weeks!

I have been taking "bump" pictures for weeks now but there's really no bump there yet haha. I feel like my stomach is thicker but I can't really notice too much of a difference in pictures.  But I'll post some from this week just because in the next couple of weeks there should start being some changes.

How far along: 14 weeks! Second trimester woohoo! 
Gender: still waiting, 2 more weeks until my appointment
Weight gain: nothing really but I have been eating a lot more so I'm sure there will be some soon haha
Maternity clothes: Have a few things waiting for when I need them
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: In obviously 
Sleep: Not so good. Tossed and turned all last night mixed with getting up to pee like 3 times. No fun. I've been trying to sleep on my left side because you are supposed to but its hard for me because I normally sleep on my stomach or back. 
Best moment this week: I bought some fabric for the baby room and made a new curtain for the cabinet in there and a small pillow! I know I don't know the gender yet but the colors I chose are pretty versatile. 
Worst moment this week: This horrible back pain! I'm pretty sure it's posterior pelvic pain. It hurts when I stand up or sit down, and a little bit it between. It's definitely contributing to my sleeping issues. I've been experiencing it for a few weeks and the doctor already knows and he said it was normal but the past week it has been 10x worse than it was originally. I'll be asking the doctor about it again when I go back. I'm hoping when the baby finally rises up out of my pelvis that it might get better? We will see. 
Miss anything: not much really, lack of back pain I guess haha  
Movement: Not yet! 
Cravings: nothing this week really, i like subways meatball subs 
Queasy or sick: Not really much this week. 
Looking forward to: Finding out if it's a boy or a girl! And starting to get a bump. The doctor said I might not show much until like 18 weeks.

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