Thursday, February 26, 2015

39 Weeks!

39 weeks and term by pretty much anyones standards now. One more week until my due date.

Here's some pictures from yesterday.

And one from today.

Had my doctors appointment today. He said baby could come this weekend but I might be there next week. At this point I feel like he might as well say "who knows" haha. I go back Tuesday instead of Thursday next week so that's exciting at least. Hopefully she'll make her appearance this weekend.

Last night I had some contractions actually wake me up. I was cramping and had back pain and thought for sure it was go time but they went away and I fell back asleep. Boo. At this point I feel like when I actually do go into labor I won't believe it's even happening until hours later haha but we will see. 


Everyone send some positive baby having vibes my way this weekend :) 

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