Thursday, February 19, 2015

38 weeks!

Two weeks ago the doctor said we'd probably never make it to 38 weeks.... and here we are!

I posted a picture similar to this on Instagram on Valentine's Day but this one is from today I promise haha. This is as good as it gets today so consider yourselves lucky :) Don't mind the messy background.

I'm beyond ready for this pregnancy to be over. I've had several people tell me that I'll miss being pregnant, and maybe so, but these last few weeks are rough. 

My doctors appointment went well today. I have a head cold or something and was able to get medicine for that which was exciting. I didn't think there was much I could take for it while pregnant but turns out there is! Apparently, here they have some kind of herbal sinus pills that work pretty well and a pregnancy friendly nose spray! Hoping to kick this cold to the curb and get my energy back before going into labor. 

Elsie is estimated to weigh about 6 pounds 10 ounces and be just under 20 inches long according to the measurements he took today. I also got another glimpse of her in 3D which was nice. Her cheeks are a lot chunkier than they were back at 24 weeks! So cute! I cannot wait to see her!

Other than my cold, I suppose I'm doing okay. Half of my right hand is still numb. I also have been getting a ton of contractions the last few days. Last night they were lasting about 2 minutes and occurring every 5 minutes or so for 2 hours but didn't hurt too bad. I was thinking it was for sure the beginning of labor but was going to wait to see if they got closer together or more painful and decided to lay in bed and try to get some sleep, and then they slowed down. Boo. 

The doctor thinks I'll make it to my appointment next week which is discouraging but he also thought I'd never make it to this week.... so what does he know! haha Until then, you'll find me walking or bouncing on my exercise ball, possibly while eating some spicy foods!

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