Thursday, August 7, 2014

Finding Out

So I found out I was pregnant back at the beginning of July. Right before Independence Day actually. Kind of changed my plans for that weekend haha.

It was a random day during the week and I had been feeling kind of weird and some amplified pms symptoms that seemed a little weird for me. I decided to go buy a pregnancy test. Now, Jay had just told me the night before when I mentioned it that I was forbidden to buy a pregnancy test until at least two weeks after I miss my period because they are expensive haha. But I did anyway of course. So while he was at work I got one and sure enough, two pink lines.

Before I took the test I remember thinking "I doubt I'm pregnant I'm probably just over-thinking it, but I wonder how I will tell Jay if I am..."

Then I took the test and I was so surprised by the results that I immediately messaged Jay

"oh my god"

"what" he said

(don't mind the "water" haha)


to which he immediately replied "for real, i told you not to buy that"


Followed by something like "better start working out more to get some testosterone in that thing"

I don't think it works like that hahaha.

But of course he was excited, I think I just caught him off guard. I should have waited and surprised him in a cute way but I think it was still cute when he said that.

I confirmed the results with another test in the morning and then went and got a blood test at the clinic, since that's what you have to do to get the referral to see a ob-gyn here.

We are super excited!

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