Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dogs vs. Babies

Or how my dogs are preparing me for having a baby. 

They are both super cute, most of the time. Much like babies.

Chloe likes to bark at me to get my attention. All. The. Time. (she's doing it as we speak) Very similar to a baby crying I imagine. Or at least also very loud and annoying.

They both like to play with toys that make noise. All of the squeaky dog toys are purposefully hidden at the moment.

I have to clean up their poop. Enough said.

Their food makes me gag. (heightened sense of smell and nausea don't mix) Baby food is also gross but at least I won't be nauseous by the time I am around that stuff.

They also both like to cuddle or be held or lay in my lap.

Hmm. Maybe I'll be well prepared.

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