Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Elsie Lately

Elsie is really changing and learning so many things everyday. I swear she says at least one new word a day now, even if I can't get her to repeat it. The days go by so fast and slow at the same time. 

She's always giving me this look!
So glad my friend was able to capture it!

Here are some of the things she does/ has done lately that I want to remember:

One day at lunch, she hugged her cheeseburger and said "aww".

She wants to stand on the window all the time and look for birds while flapping her arms like a chicken.

She's obsessed with animals and their sounds for example the "dow" goes "moo". Lions, tigers, and bears go "rahh!" Sheep and goats go "bah". Cats go "now". 

Also knows her facial features and likes to grab our noses and say "nooo" or poke or eyes and say "eye". Ears are "eee". 

Calls her beloved Elmo toy "Moe" and he goes everywhere with her.  She also likes to put diapers on him and pretend feed him a bottle.

She also does crazy toddler things now like climbing on the dining room table and sitting there with a big grin, and of course coloring on the walls. 

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