Thursday, October 27, 2016

27 Week Bumpdate!

27 weeks and 4 days today! Third trimester here we come! Doctor says Gemma looks perfect! 

How big is baby:
The size of a yellow turnip. Doctor says she's about 2.6 pounds. 
Maternity Clothes:
Around 14 pounds which is less than I gained with Elsie at this time
So much movement! I feel her move randomly throughout the day. 
Stretch marks: 
Belly button in or out: 
Food Cravings:
Desserts for sure! Every night almost haha
Crappy sleep, some left wrist tendinitis or something annoying
What do I miss:
Sleeping well but this is just the beginning ha!
Best moment of the week:
Getting to see our baby girl! We got so many good pictures again!
What am I looking forward to:
Diaper party with Jay's friends in a few weeks and my next appointment of course

Gemma loves to show off her cuteness! I can't get enough of that little face!

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