Sunday, November 27, 2016

32 Week Bumpdate!

32 Weeks Today!

How big is baby:
The size of a squash or something that is about 3.5 pounds. Doctor said she weighs around that and is 16.5 inches. A little on the smaller side of average but Elsie was only 6lbs 2oz so I don't expect Gemma to be any bigger than that.
Maternity Clothes:
Around 15-16 pounds. I haven't gained really any weight the past couple of months but I think it's mostly because anytime I did gain weight I got sick and lost it. I've had a horrible immune system this pregnancy. But doctor says my weight gain is fine because Gemma is growing healthily. 
So much movement! My whole stomach moves when she does. 
Stretch marks: 
Belly button in or out: 
In, but getting pretty flat. 
Food Cravings:
Desserts for sure! 
Sore pelvis. Some mild heartburn which I didn't really have last pregnancy and is definitely no fun. And gas pains, sorry if that's tmi but it is the realily of pregnancy haha. 
What do I miss:
Sleeping well. Being able to walk around as much as I want without feeling like I'm 85. 
Best moment of the week:
Getting to see our baby girl! We got so many good pictures again! She apparently loves to get her picture taken.
What am I looking forward to:
Christmas! And getting closer and closer to Gemma's arrival!

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