Thursday, October 1, 2015

Elsie's 7 Months Old!

Elsie is seven months old today! 
We took some pictures outside and some pictures inside because it is really really sunny this morning!

"I'm gonna eat this"

It has been quite a big month for Elsie! 

This month she:
-started eating a lot more purees about 6-8 oz a day. She had tried pretty much all the stage 1 and 2 purees that don't contain meat. She loves sweet potatoes and bananas but hates green beans. She also tasted a pickle and made a really silly face. 
-also, she started eating puffs and yogurt melts and LOVES them 
-got to spend a week and a half with her Meme! (we miss her!)
-learned how to give sloppy kisses
-got her first 2 teeth! (two middle bottom)
-got her first stuffy nose (we've been lucky)
-started sitting up by herself
-started sleeping on her tummy (but still gets up several times a night)
-started crawling!!
-pulls up to stand
-loves peek-a-boo

Our little girl is so much fun! I can't believe how big she's getting!

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