Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Elsie's Favorite Toys (6 months)

Thought I would do a post on what Elsie enjoys playing with most at 6 months.  This is constantly changing but here are some of her faves
Fisher-price rock-n-stack- loves knocking this over and has even tried to put the rings back on it but she isn't that coordinated yet. 

Exersaucer- the past month or so she's really gotten in to this.  She would sit in it before and pay with the toys but now she LOVES to bounce in this.  She really gets in the zone while bouncing haha.

Glow worm- not so much a toy as it is a bedtime item but she loves it!  I play it for her when she's falling asleep.

Monkey- been a favorite for awhile now,  he talks and songs and she gets the biggest smile when I bring him out

Wooden Blocks - I just brought these out this week but they are already a big hit!  She loves to pick them up out of their cart and knock them over if I attack them up for her. 

Also, in general she loves any plastic/rubbery toys that she can pick up and chew on. 
And now that's she's getting around she loves anything she isn't supposed to have haha.

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