Wednesday, July 1, 2015

4 Month Update

Today Elsie Mae is 4 months old. She's getting so big! At her doctors appointment today she weighed 15 pounds and 14 ounces (diaper off...woah) and is 25 inches long. That's the 91st and 80th percentiles.

Some things she does now:

Rolls over from front to back (at least she has a handful of times)

Sits up supported. Can mostly sit by herself if her hands are planted in front of her. 

Drools...a lot.

Sucks/chews on her fingers.  She doesn't favor any particular finger just all of them.  But hates the pacifier.

She eats a lot. About 31 ounces a day right now.  On average. 

Smiles and laughs. She can really get a belly laugh going if she thinks something is funny.  And she gives out smiles freely. She's really a happy baby.

She doesn't really fuss much.  Only if she's hungry or tired until she gets fed or falls asleep.  And rarely actually cries. 

She loves her exersaucer.

She also grabs at toys now and holds them and puts them in her mouth.  And if they don't fit in her mouth she tends to get mad haha. 

We are working on her sleeping in her crib versus the rock n play. She definitely still favors the rock n play but she's outgrowing it.

She likes watching cartoons but I try not to let her watch too much tv. I think she just enjoys the bright colors.  

Hmm I think that's all the highlights.  We are so crazy about our little girl! 

Some pictures from play group today

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