Sunday, November 23, 2014

Little Baby ...

We decided on the first name for our baby girl quite awhile ago. It took a lot longer to decide on the middle name and we were originally going to wait until she is born to reveal the name but I decided that I am bad at keeping secrets. I actually almost slipped up and wrote/said the name several times over the past month or two. 

So the moment you have all been waiting for (or not). Our baby girl's name is...

Elsie Mae 

A little background on the name and the decision process. 

We liked the idea of naming the baby something with German roots since we are in Germany and Jay's family is originally from here, so we spent at least a couple of weeks looking up names when we were just sitting around. One day I came across Elsie and asked Jay about it and he said that was his great grandmother's name. I never knew what her name was because they just always called her great grandma and I only met her once before she passed away several years ago. I thought that was pretty cool because we are both a little old fashioned and enjoy not only older names but also that it's related to family. 

Then we spent just as long trying to figure out the middle name. We really liked a certain name as a middle name but decided against using it because we might want to use it as a first name if we have another little girl someday so we spent awhile thinking of middle names that sounded nice with Elsie. I happened upon the name Mae and pitched it to Jay and he said that was his great grandma's middle name too. 

So it turns out our little Elsie Mae will be named the same as her great great grandmother. I think it's a really cool coincidence that we just happened to really like this name. It makes me wonder if great grandma is up there or rather down here somehow whispering in my ear to name the baby after her. I guess we'll never know. 

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