Thursday, November 20, 2014


Had my doctors appointment today! Everything is going really well! Baby girl is getting so big and it is so cool to see her moving around on the ultrasound. I also passed all of the tests they took last time which is great news! The only thing getting a little low is my iron but there is some in my prenatal vitamins... if only I could remember to take it every day. Maybe I should set an alarm! 

Good news for everyone waiting patiently...we decided on her middle name and will be announcing soon! 

I took two pictures this week, one yesterday (left) and one today (right). My legs definitely blend in to the couch a little.. sorry about that haha. 

How far along: 25 weeks! 
Gender: Girl! 
Name: Coming Soon!
Weight: Baby is estimated to be about 1 pound 11 ounces. She is getting so big! We won't talk about my weight gain anymore haha. 
Maternity clothes: Yes, and lots of leggings. I'm all about comfort these days.
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: In 
Rings on or off: I can only wear it for about one day then I have to take it off before my finger gets itchy and red :( 
Sleep: I've pretty much come to terms with not sleeping very well ever again haha
Best moment this week: Seeing baby girl at my doctors appointment today! She was so cute and kept sucking and it was so cool to see her mouth moving! She's getting so big! 
Worst moment this week: This morning I really wanted to sleep for another hour but my sides hurt so bad I had to get up. If anyone has any tips/tricks for sleeping comfortably feel free to pass them my way!
Miss anything: Not really
Movement: Yep! It's my favorite thing ever!! I think she had hiccups this morning too for the first time (or the first time I've noticed)
Cravings: Nothing in particular. I do eat a lot of taco bell though...
Aversions: None right now, Yay!
Queasy or sick: Nope
Looking forward to: My next appointment in two weeks. Still trying to get a good 3D picture of baby. She has yet to be in the right position.    

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