Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Staying Busy

Time seems to be going by really slow. Not as slow as yesterday though. Everything seems a little easier than yesterday. I'm hoping that trend continues throughout the next ten weeks. I've just been trying to stay busy. That's what everyone says to do. It's still sometimes difficult even when I'm busy just because so much stuff reminds me of him but I've been getting a lot done. I have been working out which has helped a little. I keep telling myself that if he can do all of this for me then I can do some stuff for him. I can work out and get stronger physically and be more emotionally and mentally strong for him. I also feel like he will be so happy and proud to find out that I painted the rest of the porch on the house we are selling. I plan on fixing up some more stuff there soon too. Really I guess I am just taking things hour by hour, day by day. I know that if anything I will miss him more each day but I told him I would stay strong for him so I will.

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