Thursday, January 19, 2017

39 Week Update

Today I am 39 weeks 4 days pregnant. 
Gemma seems to be good and comfy and not wanting to come out. 

I had my doctor's appointment today and she is looking good. I am 1.5 cm dilated but only like 30% effaced (same as last week). Doctor said that she needs to move her head into the right position and then I'll pretty much have her. According to his measurements, he thinks she is about 6 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches, which is bigger than Elsie was. We will see! 

I've had a head cold for about four days now and finally got some medicine so hoping to feel 100% for the birth.

We are due on Sunday!  I really hope I have her before then, but if not, I go back to the doctor on Tuesday. Fingers crossed and prayers sent that Gemma makes an appearance soon!

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