Thursday, September 1, 2016

Elsie's 1.5 Year Update

Our little girl is such a big girl these days! 1.5 years old already! 

She's such a sweetie and loves to give hugs but also has a a bit of the toddler rotten-ness. 

She says more words now: No, oh no, hi, bye, dada, mama, meme, dog ("doh'), up ("uh"), ow, hot, all done, moo, meow ("now"), down, and "dat" (for what's that?)

Her favorite things are: Her Elmo doll, coloring book/ crayons/ colored pencils, and watching tv

She started finally eating pb&j and other sandwiches. She still loves chips. She's picky on vegetables but usually will eat broccoli but loves fruit. She started using a spoon to eat oatmeal by herself. She also still gets a sippy of whole milk in the morning and again in the evening (12-16oz).

She's very active and loves to play outside and run, she can really run now, I can't wait until she starts playing in one area and actually knows to stay in that area haha because she usually tries running off. Her favorite is playing in dirt/rocks or climbing the playground equipment. She also has a newfound love for the swing and no longer wants to sit on my lap :( she has to sit by herself now.

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