Monday, May 19, 2014

Travel To: Heidelberg, Germany

This past weekend we went to Heidelberg! We mostly went there on a whim to see Heidelberg Castle. It was beautiful! Totally worth the trip! The weather was beautiful which made for great pictures.

One thing I would suggest when going to visit the castle is to be prepared for walking up steps or a huge hill. There is supposedly a funicular train that goes up there but we just walked. I would recommend good walking shoes although I wore flip flops and did fine. You can walk up to the castle and in the gardens for free. The castle gardens were closed when we went though. Once you get down the first hallway you reach a ticket booth where you can pay to go inside or go on a tour. We could not go on a tour because we had our puppy with us, which was fine because we'd rather explore on our own anyway. It was 6 euro each for us to go in the castle. Not a bad price considering we spent almost 2 hours there and got a ton of great pictures! There's a pharmacy museum inside as well as a cafe and a bar. There are also food vendors at the back of the castle which sell refreshments.

After the castle we walked around the city for a bit. There were restaurants and shops lining the streets.

Heidelberg boarders the River Neckar which leads to the River Rhine. There were many people on the river canoeing and boating. There are also several bridges that go over the river. We stopped on one that seemed to be for pedestrians only. The view was spectacular!

We ended our trip with dinner at a restaurant called Mohr. This restaurant had a menu that was numbered with different toppings and you could pick whether you wanted those toppings on a burger or on schnitzel. We had burgers and they were pretty good. I would eat there again.

We only spent an afternoon in Heidelberg but had a great time! It would definitely be worth visiting again.

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