Saturday, May 3, 2014

That Puppy Life

So....We must be crazy because we got a new puppy.  She is about 7 weeks old and absolutely adorable. We named her Chloe.  She is a essentially a mutt but specifically german shepherd, collie, lab, husky,  and pointer mix. She should be about Coopers size when she's done growing if not a little bit smaller. 
Cooper is getting along with her just fine. At first he was a little slobbery and stressed about it but he showed no aggression towards her and will even let her lay on his bed with him. As long as she doesn't touch his toys. We put the toys away for now until they get used to each other. She's still a little too small to let them play together and Cooper doesn't understand the size difference.
She cries a lot at night. She loves her bed but hates being locked in her cage. So it's taking us all a little time to adjust.

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