Tuesday, April 1, 2014


So last week we officially PCSed to Germany!  It was definitely one of the craziest things I've ever done.
Here's the rundown on the move.
We had to drive 6 hours from Ohio to Baltimore to drop off our car at the port so that it could be shipped to Germany.  So we left at 0430, got to Baltimore around 1030 and had to get a rental car.  I drove our car and Jay followed with the rental so that we could drive ourselves places after dropping off our car. After at least an hour of trying to find the port (with no gps thanks to at&t)  we finally made it. 
After we finished the paperwork for shipping the car it was about 1400. We couldn't go to the airport and checkin until about 2015. So we drove around Baltimore to waste time.  We could have found a park and walked Cooper if it hadn't been raining/snowing all day.  So we were forced to sit on the car or find stores to go to.  At this point we are both exhausted.  It's surprisingly hard to sleep the night before you move out of the country.  I only got about two hours of sleep and Jay got about four.  So we pulled into a shopping center parking lot and tried to nap.  We also took Cooper to a pet store to get some exercise before the big plane ride. 
After a very long boring day that seemed to never end,  we were finally able to go to the airport. We pulled up to the drop off area where I was able to get a cart for all of our luggage and dog cage.  Then jay went to return our rental car while I waited. 
We thought that there wouldn't be many people on our flight because it was a military airline and going straight to Germany.  Really,  how many people are flying to Germany at 0230 that also are able to fly on the military airline? The answer is. ..About 200. Seriously the 777 was almost full.  There were a ton of people PCSing and at least one unit going to Kuwait.  Lucky for us we had Cooper,  so instead of waiting in line behind 200 people for check in we got to go to the very short (non existent) line for families with kids and/or pets. 
The dog travel process is complicated and I'll write about it in another post.  But we did finally get to board the plane almost on time and we slept almost all the way to Germany. 

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