Friday, June 30, 2017

Elsie Lately

Things Elsie says:

"peas" and "tank you"- anytime she wants or is given something, not sure how but she's super polite

"boom"- for a fist bump haha. She has to have a hug, kiss, high five, and a boom before nap and bedtime, and she tries to do it several times if it keeps me from leaving.

"No! I not!"- so sassy

She still calls Gemma "baby" but does it in the cutest high pitched little mama voice

"da-yee"- for daddy

One time she came up to me outside yelling "Mom! Dog ship" I'm sure you can figure that out  haha oops. But she always had to point out when the dog has pooped by telling "Poop!"

We recently went to the beach and when she says beach it sounds an awful lot like another certain B word

"nolk" milk

"coy"-car (most of her Rs are said as Ys)

She still sleeps with "Momo" (Elmo) but  also likes to take "Nana" (Anna from Frozen) and "Tata" (Elsa) to sleep with her

Which brings me to how she says her name...she doesn't really often, but when I get her to say it, it sounds like "Ta-tee"

That's all I can think of for now. This will be fun to read through someday. 

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