Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Elsie's Two Year Update

I'm only a month and a half late on this. 

Elsie's party before we left Germany

It has been the longest craziest last couple of months and Elsie is busy growing and adjusting to it all. We still have one more move to do from the hotel to our house next week but she has handled all the traveling and moving so well! She adjusted to the 6 hour time change pretty easily. It took about a week for her sleep schedule to get back on track but she is back to sleeping from around 8pm until around 7am. She's been sleeping in her pack n play while we wait for our household goods to be delivered.

With all the changes, Elsie has been a little more picky with eating. We still try to give her what we are eating and she usually will eat some or all of it. Our go to meal for when we just need to make sure she'll eat is chicken nuggets and fries, she'd eat them everyday if we let her. We also still give her some milk in the mornings and evenings.

Elsie has been talking up a storm! Iti s a little hard to make out what she says but she's definitely transitioning from babbled sentences to actual sentences that are just rambled together. I can understand about 60% of what she says these days which is good. I love when she says "so coot!" to Gemma.

Elsie is still in diapers but I plan on trying to potty train her in a month or so. She's showing a ton of signs that she is ready for potty training. She says "potty" and when she poops she'll usually come up to me and say "I poop" and lay down for me to change her. We have been trying to teach her how to pull down her pants but since the weather here is so nice she will probably wear a lot of dresses anyway.

The "terrible twos" are definitely upon us. Little miss Elsie is super independent and wants to do everything her way and on her own time. It can be very frustrating at times but we are working through it.

On the other hand, it is crazy that our little girl is getting so big and can do so many things on her own now. She helps me get diapers and wipes for the baby. She has also been letting me know when she wants to eat or have a snack. (Even if that means opening the small fridge in the hotel to bring me said snack haha)

It is so much fun to watch her grow.

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