Friday, April 1, 2016

Elsie at 13 Months

I couldn't decide whether or not to keep up with monthly updates but Elsie has learned so many things in the last month that I couldn't help but document it.

This month she:

Learned how to walk. After weeks of taking only 2 or 3 steps, this last week she really started going.

Started using some baby signs!  I've been modeling them for months! I was beside myself when she whipped out the sign for "more" and the sign for "milk" (which she uses for any drink).

Started clapping when she's excited, doing the "roll it" motion in the pat-a-cake song, and waving bye bye (when she feels like it). She even blew a kiss to her Meme on video chat haha.

Can climb up stairs, which she does at the playground to go down the slide.

Says: dada, mama, dog, hi, bye, and baby

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