Sunday, August 2, 2015

Elsie Mae is 5 Months Young

Every month brings so many changes!

She is weighing roughly 18 pounds. She's a chunky little nugget haha. She was 25 inches at 4 months and I haven't measured her but she probably only grew a inch or so.

She can now sit unsupported. She only falls over every now and then. I can sit her up in the pack n play and she will play like that for a really long time.  If she does fall over she normally just flips to her back or belly.
She quit rolling over. She just doesn't seem interested. When she's on her belly now she tries to go forward, kicking her legs like she's swimming haha. She wants desperately to go forward but ends up just scooting backwards. She can get pretty far doing this but it makes her mad since she ends up so far away from her toys.  She doesn't pull up to her knees yet.  But she can rotate to each side to get toys.

She eats 36-40 ounces of formula a day.  (I know!)
Since she eats so much, and she sits unsupported, and grabs at food and puts it in her mouth... We felt she was ready for some solids.
She's had pureed squash, sweet potato, peas, bananas, carrots, and green beans. She's also had rice and oatmeal cereal but we don't feed her cereal every day. I try to offer her food twice a day. Sometimes she does better with it than others.
She's also had carrot sticks and cucumber to chew/suck on. She likes this way better than purees. She hates me feeding her and wants to do it all herself. Grabs the spoon and gets mad if I take it back. So I let her do what she can. I have some squeeze pouches to put the purees in but she hasn't figured that out quite yet.

She's horrible at sleeping now. Up 3-4 times a night.  It's pretty rough but I think it might be teething related. I'm not sure but we are working through it. 

Things she loves:
Her dogs! Well...All dogs really. 
Going for walks in the stroller or the carrier. 
Sitting on my lap.
Smiling at her daddy.
She doesn't really have a favorite toy but loves the crinkly soft books and other toys that crinkle. Or anything that she can chew on. 

She's such a sweet baby! 

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