Saturday, March 14, 2015

First 2 Weeks

I cannot believe it has already been two weeks since Elsie was born! 
Time is flying by and I am just trying to enjoy it and soak up all the moments while she is this little.

I took some newborn pictures of her last weekend.

I love this one! She's giving me a bit of a grump face though haha.

This picture is my absolute favorite! 

You won't believe how many pictures of a newborn it takes to get two good ones!  I ordered birth announcements so family will be getting those eventually. She might be 2 months old by the time they get here, and I send them out to everyone, and then everyone actually gets them. haha but they are on their way I promise! 

Elsie had a doctors appointment when she was 4 days old and she had already almost regained all of the weigh she lost the first few days. She has her two week appointment on Monday and I'm betting she has gained more weight. Little lady loves to eat that's for sure! 

This past week she lost her umbilical cord and had her first couple real baths. Bathing a baby is scary. Well... pretty much all of the firsts are scary when you are a new parent. I try not to ask Google too many things and instead have been trying to consult the baby care books that I have. They don't tell you your baby might have (insert disease here) to hurry up and go an ER anytime she sneezes. I have found this Babycare book to be particularly helpful. 

Speaking of scary. We survived a whole 24 hours alone while Jay had duty yesterday. Wasn't as bad as I had feared. I managed to get sleep and both dogs are still alive haha. 

Look for more pictures of Elsie on Facebook or Instagram. I take too many!

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