Friday, June 6, 2014

Pros and Cons: Living in Germany (part 1)

I thought I would make a pros and cons list of living in Germany. I labeled it "part 1" because we've only been here for two and a half months now so I am sure the list with grow over the next few years. There are also a few pro/cons because I just don't like making decisions haha.


Dog Friendly- Germany is VERY dog friendly! This is great for socializing our new puppy since dogs are allowed literally everywhere (except grocery stores I think). They can be found sitting under tables at restaurants and even inside shopping malls. All of them are very well behaved (at least that I have seen) which is very different from the dogs I see around the military housing area. I wish we had gotten here sooner so that Cooper could have been better socialized.

Festivals- There are loads of festivals in Germany. I have heard of at least one festival less than an hour away every weekend. This is great since I love food and the festivals are not lacking in the food department! And they are also dog friendly, duh.


Weather- The weather here is very unpredictable. It can be raining one minute and the next minute it can be completely sunny. It is also not as warm as I would like, though it seems to be warming up a bit. It's a very moderate temperature most of the time which is nice in the winter but not so much in the summer when I just want it to be warm all the time. (remind me of this when it is hot though since lack of air conditioning)

Lack of my favorite stores: I miss Target. Yep, mostly just Target.


Daylight- Right now it is daylight outside from about 5 in the morning until at least 10 at night. I can't decide where to put this one since during the week this absolutely sucks because I like for it to be dark in my room when I go to sleep BUT, on the weekends it's great because you can enjoy being outside for longer.

Trees and Grass- Germany is very environmentally friendly which is great and everything is so green and there are trees and flowers everywhere.... says someone with no seasonal allergies (not me).

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